Writers in the Schools

During the 2021/2022 academic year, WITS will offer both in-person and virtual visits as well as access to our new WITS Originals video series.

Schools seeking financial assistance with writers’ fees this year may email wits@writers.ns.ca.


Writers in the Schools (WITS) is a program through which Nova Scotia writers visit schools to provide presentations, workshops, and readings for students of every grade. The program encourages students’ enjoyment of reading and writing and engages them in the development of literacy skills.

All WITS writers are professional writers and WFNS members and are able to cover a variety of topics, such as creative writing, research, journalism, illustration, and comic books.

WITS is our most public educational outreach program: the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia invests more than a quarter of its resources and much of its organizational energies into bringing professional writers into Nova Scotia schools.

How do in-person and virtual WITS visits work?

In-person and virtual visits are co-paid: WFNS covers half of the writers’ fees while the hosting school covers the remainder. For a half-day visit (up to two 45-55 minute sessions), a school co-pays $75. For a full-day visit (up to four 45-55 minute sessions + 30-day access to one WITS Originals package of 4 videos), a school co-pays $150.

In-person visits: Many WITS writers are open to suggestions and amenable to working with teachers, librarians, and principals to ensure their visits complement school curricula.
     Please note that in-person visits may incur additional costs: WFNS covers all writer mileage, but a writer may require a lunch (if booked for a full-day), overnight accommodations (if travelling 2 or more hours for a visit), and/or travel by bus or car-share (if without access to a vehicle), to be provided at the expense of the hosting school.

Virtual visits: Many of our writers have adapted their presentations for synchronous delivery to the classroom through video conferencing software.
     Virtual visits are an excellent option for schools with access to a stable internet connection.

How do WITS Originals work?

WITS Originals are unique videos prepared and delivered by WITS writers. Each video explores a single creative writing topic in a short format (10 to 20 minutes) suitable for incorporation into a lesson plan. Unlimited 30-day access to a single package (4 videos) is complimentary for any school that books one full day (or more) of in-person or virtual author visits. For unlimited 90-day access to a single package (4 videos), a school pays $75. For unlimited 180-day access to the full library (12 videos), a school pays $150.

Available to stream from Google Drive, each WITS Original is professionally produced and can be played in-browser on a range of classroom devices.

Investors and Partners

The Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia recognizes the Province of Nova Scotia’s support for our Writers in the Schools (WITS) program. We are pleased to offer this program with investments from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development and Arts Nova Scotia. We are also grateful to Cabot Trail Writers Festival, Hackmatack Children’s Choice Book Award, and Read by the Sea’s Writing on Fire program for their recurring partnership in providing opportunities for WITS authors.

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