Join the WFNS Writers' Council

Writers’ Council membership is a special designation for WFNS members who have produced a professional body of work.


Writers’ Council members are eligible for numerous, competitively compensated opportunities through WFNS programs. (Rates of pay are noted in parentheses.)


1. Eligibility Criteria

You must be a general member in good standing of the WFNS and have produced body of work that is professionally recognized according to one of the below streams.

Stream 1:

Writers with a book professionally published by a third-party book publishing company.

Supporting documentation:

  • A link to your book’s listing on your publisher’s website 
  • A link to your book’s library listing or other public information demonstrating the book’s professionally-published status

If your book is self-published, please apply under Stream 3.

Stream 2:

Writers with works in periodicals published by third-party editorial boards or committees.

Supporting documentation:

  • A list of eligible periodical publications that total 30,000 words; for each work, note the word count and provide a link to the work as published (if online) or a scan of the work as published (if in-print only)

Contact our office if you are unsure whether a periodical you have been published in counts towards your total.

Stream 3:

Writers with a full professional membership in another professional writers’ association or organization. 

Supporting documentation:

  • Confirmation from the association that you are a full professional member in good standing, such as a link to your profile on the association’s website or a confirmation email from the association sent directly to the WFNS

Membership in the association or organization must be granted only after an application process and cannot be associate- or friend-level membership. Associations include but are not limited to The Writers’ Union of Canada (which accepts writers who have self-published), the League of Canadian Poets (Full membership), the Professional Writers’ Association of Canada (Professional designation), Canadian Authors’ Association (Professional designation), and CANSCAIP (Member).

Contact our office if you are unsure whether your professional designation counts or if you are a playwright, screenwriter, or other type of writer not covered under the above.

2. Application Requirements

  • A brief biography (no more than 500 words)
  • A simple declaration that the applicant is a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant
  • The supporting documentation outlined under one of the three streams above

3. How to Apply

1. Ensure you are a member in good standing of the WFNS. Only WFNS members may apply to the Writers’ Council. Before assembling an application, ensure you have paid your annual dues for the current membership year. Our office can confirm your membership status.

2. Email your biography, declaration, and supporting documentation to with the subject line “Writers’ Council – [Your name].”

3. Wait for the review of your application by the WFNS Membership Committee and (if approved in committee) for the approval of your application’s by the WFNS Board of Directors. This process can take up to six weeks, as our Membership Committee and Board of Directors meet once a month for most of the year and less frequently during the summer. You will be contacted notified of your application results.

4. If your application is approved, you will be immediately eligible to create a publicly accessible Writers’ Council profile on the WFNS website (optional). If you wish to create a Writers’ Council profile, you will need to login to your online account and fill out the necessary details.

Writers’ Council membership is permanent. If your general membership ever lapses, you will retain your Writers’ Council status and will be eligible for all Writers’ Council benefits as soon as you renew your general membership.

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