Atlantic Book Awards

The Atlantic Book Awards celebrate and promote excellence in writing from Atlantic Canada. The number of titles submitted each year is a testament to the diversity and quality of writing from all four Atlantic provinces.

Although jurors have the unenviable task of selecting one winner for each award, each year's shortlists introduce local, national, and international readers to a tremendous body of work and the vibrant culture of the region. The Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia (WFNS) administers and acts as steward for five of these literary awards:

2022 Jury:
Andrea Currie; Tracey Jones-Grant; Jill MacLean

2022 Jury:
Jeff Miller; Sandra Phinney; Wanda Taylor

2022 Jury:
Tammy Armstrong; John Guiney-Yallop; Tiffany Morris

No 2022 prize;
submissions will reopen to 2023 prize

2022 Jury:
Eva Crocker; Dian Day; Evelyn C. White

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