Thea Atkinson

I’m a NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY Bestselling Author who gained those letters with books included in self-published box sets with like-minded writers.

I used to have a black lab at my feet when I wrote, warming up the calves. She was a good girl. I miss her. Now it’s just a cuppa tea keeping this old gal warm. Maybe someday though…

I love to read, and I love to get inside a character’s skin.  I call my little ditties, fiction to the left of mainstream because they never truly match up with one perfect genre. Still want a label? I got em. Urban Fantasy, Historical Fantasy, LitFic with dark themes, grimdark dystopian…But I really just write what I like, and am always looking for the next character to populate my ever growing list of series.

I’ve published in lit journals and print publications; delivered workshops; and sat on a writers panel with the likes of Patricia Briggs and Guy Gavriel Kay and found both of them to be amazingly authentic human beings.

I seek out opportunities to speak to new writers and deliver workshops on fiction writing, plotting, publishing, and using technology.

To date, HalCon SciFi Con in 2019 was the highlight of my author career.



  • Witches of Etlantium series
  • Isabella Hush series
  • Rogue Huntress series
  • Reapers Redemption series
  • Queen of Sky and Sword series
  • Theta Waves series
  • Vampire Addictions series
  • Chasing Dragons
  • Secret Language of Crows
  • One Insular Tahiti
  • Throwing Clay Shadows


  • The New Quarterly
  • The Naashwalk Review
  • InkPot
  • The Shore Magazine


  • Canadian Living
  • Saltscapes
  • Atlantic Books Today
  • Commerce Magazine


  • New York Times Bestselling Author
  • USA Today Bestselling Author
  • South Shore Literary Award: 3rd place literary fiction


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