Pamela Ditchoff


Pamela Ditchoff was born in Lansing, Michigan on September 21, 1950. She began writing poems and stories at the age of seven. She received a BA in Communication Arts from Michigan State University (1982), and an MA in English/Creative Writing from Michigan State University (1985). In the mid-1980s, Ditchoff worked at WFSL-TV47 in Lansing as head copywriter/creative consultant and then as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at Michigan State University. During this period, her early fiction and poetry was published in various literary magazines. In 1993, Ditchoff was recognized in Who’s Who in Writers, Editors & Poets: United States & Canada, 1992-1993 for her significant literary contributions. Ditchoff moved to Liverpool in 2006 and completed her third novel, Mrs. Beast, about the lives of the Grimm’s Fairy Tales princesses after they said “I Do.”

Pamela is married to Paul Ditchoff and lives in Liverpool, Nova Scotia.


Winner, Chicago Review Award in Fiction, 1991.


Michigan Addy Award for Excellence as producer/director of Artpeace, 1984.

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