Nina Munteanu

Nina is a Canadian ecologist and novelist. She worked for 25 years as an environmental consultant in the field of aquatic ecology and limnology, publishing papers and technical reports on water quality and impacts to aquatic ecosystems. Nina has written over a dozen eco-fiction, science fiction and fantasy novels. An award-winning short story writer, and essayist, Nina currently lives in Toronto where she teaches writing at the University of Toronto and George Brown College.  Her book “Water Is…” (Pixl Press)—a scientific study and personal journey as limnologist, mother, teacher and environmentalist—was picked by Margaret Atwood in the New York Timesas 2016 ‘The Year in Reading’. Nina’s most recent novel is “A Diary in the Age of Water”—about four generations of women and their relationship to water in a rapidly changing world—released in June 2020 by Inanna Publications.


Nina Munteanu has written and published novels, novelettes, short stories, creative non-fiction, general interest articles, science & nature articles, essays, non-fiction guidebooks and textbooks.

The following lists Nina Munteanu’s major publications to date. Her articles and essays also appear on the Internet in Amazing StoriesScribophileEuropa SF Portal, Eco-Fiction, Dispatches from the Word Mines, BoldfaceScience Borealis, Morgen BaileyThe Alien Next Door, The Meaning of WaterNinaMunteanu.caEzineSuite 101A Hopeful Sign, Imagikon, Gotta Write Network, Strange Horizons, The Internet Review of Science Fiction, and various other blogs, ezines and websites.


 FICTION: Short Form (short stories):

  • “Out of the Silence” in subTerrain Magazine, Issue #85 (Oliver Hockenhull, guest editor), May 2020.
  • Alien Landscape” in The Group of Seven Reimagined: Contemporary Stories Inspired by Historic Canadian Paintings, 1st edition (Karen Schauber, ed), Heritage House, October 2019
  • The Way of Water / La natura dell’acqua” in English and Italian in Future Fiction (Francesco Verso, ed., Fiorella Moscatello, translator; Mincione Edizioni, Rome), May 2016; reprinted in Cli-Fi: Canadian Tales of Climate Change Anthology (Exile Editions, Bruce Meyer, ed), May 2017; reprinted in Future Fiction: New Dimensions in International Science Fiction (Francesco Verso & Bill Campbell, eds; Future Fiction / Rosarium Publishing, Rome and Greenbelt, MD), April 2018; reprinted in Little Blue Marble Magazine (Katrina Archer, ed)  January 25, 2019; reprinted in Climate Crisis Anthology (Katrina Archer, ed) January, 2020.
  • Fingal’s Cave” in The Megan Survival Anthology, (Reality Skimming Press, Ellen Michelle Koehler, ed) December 2016 (online) March 2017 (print)
  • Anonymous Tip” in Polar Borealis (Graeme Cameron, ed), Issue 2, Summer 2016
  • Henry” and “A Subtle Matter” in The Literary Connection, Anthology Vol I by IOWI, October 2014
  • Julia’s Gift” in Natural Selection, a short story collection by Pixl Press, 2013
  • Framed” in Natural Selection, a short story collection by Pixl Press, 2013
  • Neither Here Nor There” in webzine Another Realm, Sept 2005 Issue; reprinted in Natural Selection 2013
  • Five Minutes” in webzine Justus Roux’s Erotic Tales, December 2004 Issue
  • Mark of a Genius” in webzine Scifidimensions, August 2004 Issue; reprinted in Natural Selection 2013.
  • A Butterfly in Peking” in Bram Stoker Award-winning webzine Chiaroscuro (Chizine),(Issue #17) July-Nov., 2003; translated into Polish and reprinted in Nowa Fantastyka (Poland) summer 2005; translated into Greek and reprinted in The Dramaturges of Yann (Greece) 2006; reprinted in Natural Selection 2013.
  • Angel’s Promises” in Dreams & Visions, (Issue #30) March, 2003, and in GateWay-SF (Issue #8) Spring, 2004 (Issue #9 of GateWay’s website). Reprinted in Sky Songs II: Spiritual SF (an Anthology of short stories by Sky Song Press, Orillia, ON), March, 2005. 2004 SPECULATIVE LITERATURE FOUNDATION FOUNTAIN AWARD NOMINEE (for 2003); reprinted in Natural Selection 2013
  • Virtually Yours” in Hadrosaur Tales, (Issue #15) December, 2002; reprinted in Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine (Issue #3) Spring, 2004. Translated into Polish and reprinted in Nowa Fantastyka (Jan 2006 issue). Translated into Hebrew and reprinted in Bli-Panika (Israel) in 2006. 2005 SPECULATIVE LITERATURE FOUNDATION FOUNTAIN AWARD NOMINEE (for 2004); PRIX AURORA NOMINEE (2004); reprinted in Natural Selection 2013; reprinted in Future Fiction 2016.
  • Arc of Time” in Armchair Aesthete, Summer/Fall 2002; reprinted in premiere issue of Ultra! (Aardwolf Publications), Fall/Winter, 2004; reprinted in SFera Online (2007); reprinted in Natural Selection 2013
  • Angel of Chaos” finalist in SCIENCE FICTION WRITERS OF EARTH 2001 contest

■ FICTION: Long Form (Novels):

  • A Diary in the Age of Water” (Inanna Publications and Education Inc.), June 2020
  • Metaverse” (Starfire), Book 3 of The Splintered Universe Trilogy, April 2014
  • Natural SelectionA Collection of Short Stories” (Pixl Press), April 2013
  • Inner Diverse” (Starfire), Book 2 of The Splintered Universe Trilogy, December 2012
  • The Last Summoner” (Starfire World Syndicate), July 2012
  • Outer Diverse” (Starfire World Syndicate), Book 1 of The Splintered Universe Trilogy, October 2011
  • Darwin’s Paradox” (Dragon Moon Press), November 2007. Nominated for AURORA PRIX, winner of READER’S CHOICE AWARD (MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW), READER’S CHOICE (DELTA OPTIMIST)
  • Angel of Chaos” (Dragon Moon Press), October 2010. Finalist of FOREWORD MAGAZINE’s BOOK OF THE YEAR 2010
  • The Cypol” (eXtasy Books). October 2006, Nominated for ECATA REVIEWERS CHOICE AWARD.
  • Collision with Paradise” (Liquid Silver books), April 2005 (, Nominated for GAYLACTIC SPECTRUM AWARD. Re-released  (eXtasy Books) in Spring 2013


  • The Ecology of Story: World as Character” (Pixl Press). June 2019
  • Water Is…The Meaning of Water” (Pixl Press). May 2016. FIRST CHOICE BY MARGARET ATWOOD, NYT’s YEAR IN READING 2016.
  • The Journal Writer: Finding Your Voice” (Pixl Press). April 2013. Translated and published in Romanian by Editura Paralela 45, October 2012
  • The Fiction Writer: Get Published, Write Now!” (Starfire World Syndicate) May, 2009, NOMINATED FOR AURORA PRIX. Translated and published in Romanian by Editura Paralela 45, October 2011

■ NON-FICTION: Articles/Stories in Print Magazines and Anthologies

  • Why women will save the planet” in The Vancouver Sun, November 8, 2019
  • The Hero’s Journey In Story and Life” in Building Bridges Anthology (Immigrant Writers Association) edited by Gabriela Casineanu, October 2019
  • How Trees Can Save Us: Five Perspectives on Humanity’s Relationship with Our Forests” in Impakter Magazine, January 24th, 2019.
  • Should You Judge a Book By Its Cover?” in High Up, 2nd Edition (Macmillan Education Brazil), 2018
  • Coming Home to Water” in In the Moment (A Hopeful Sign) edited by Gary Doi, September 2016. Reprinted in The Earth We Love (Mississauga Writers) edited by Elizabeth Banfalvi, September 2018. Reprinted in The Literary Connection IV: Then and Now (IOWI) edited by Cheryl Antao Xavier, January 2019
  • In Search of a Life Story” in From the Heart (A Hopeful Sign) edited by Gary Doi, October 2015.
  • First Snow Fall” in Fly Like an Eagle (A Hopeful Sign) edited by Gary Doi, October 2014.
  • Follow Your Passion” in Inspiring Hope: One story at a time (A Hopeful Sign) edited by Gary Doi, 2013.
  • The Dog Who Looked Like a Cat” in Cats Magazine, February 2000.
  • Westham Island Pumpkin Frenzy” in Beautiful BC Traveller, fall 1997.
  • Orange Thumb Grows Grins” in Country Woman, Sept/Oct 1997.
  • A Week Around Cortes” in Pacific Yachting, May 1997.
  • Environmental Citizenship” in Shared Vision Magazine, May 1995.



■ AS EDITOR and/or WRITING COACH (Fiction, memoir, non-fiction)

  • In the Blood of the King, Chronicles of Langdon, Book 2” (Amazon) by JI Graham, scheduled for 2020
  • The Gift: Wings of Prey” (Friesen Press) by JP McLean, 2019
  • The Gift: Deadly Deception” (Friesen Press) by JP McLean, 2019
  • Augment” by C.F. MacFarlane, August 2018
  • Zourazia’s Legacy II” (Eagle Publishing House), February 2018
  • Water” Anthology (Reality Skimming Press) edited by Nina Munteanu, December 2017
  • Beast Master, Chronicles of Langdon, Book 1” (Amazon) by JI Graham, May 2017
  • The Gift: Betrayal” (Friesen Press) by JP McLean, November 2016
  • Zourazia’s Legacy” (Eagle Publishing House), October 2016
  • The Wild Boars” (IOWI) by Perparim Kaplani, May 2016
  • Rise Up” (Catch the Fire Books) by Michael Whate, March 2016
  • The Love Convention” (Eagle Publishing House), March 2016
  • The Queen’s Viper” (Aquhorthies Publishing) by Lesley Donaldson, January 2016
  • No Hope in Hell” (My Words Press) by Michael Kseizopolski, January 2016
  • The Literary Connection” Anthology Vol II, “My Canada” (IOWI), November 2015
  • The Gift: Penance” (Friesen Press) by JP McLean, May 2015
  • Veil of Darkness” (Grimoire Books) by Tim Metivier, April 2015
  • The Literary Connection” Anthology Vol I (IOWI), November 2014
  • Snatched by the Devil” (Createspace) by Jeana Hawkins, January 2014
  • The Gift: Redemption” (Friesen Press) by JP McLean, November 2013
  • The Gift: Revelation” (Friesen Press) by JP McLean, June 2013
  • What Do You Mean I Was Adopted?” (Amazon) by Carina Burns, April 2013
  • The Gift: Awakening” (Friesen Press) by JP McLean, September 2012


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Munteanu, N., 1989. Elk/Beaver Lake Watershed Study – Phase 1: Assessment of 1987-88 Survey. A report prepared for the Capital Regional District, Victoria, BC. 65pp.


Nina and friend Oli in Mahone Bay, NS

Weigand, R. and N. Munteanu. 1989. Restoration of Chain Lake, BC. A report prepared for Inland Waters, Environment Canada, Burlington, Ontario.

Munteanu, N., 1987. Deer Lake Restoration – 1987. A report prepared for the Corporation of the District of Burnaby, Health Department, Burnaby, BC.

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Munteanu, N. and E. Maly. 1981. The effect of current on the distribution of diatoms settling on submerged glass slides. Hydrobiologia 78: 273-282.


Recognition for her work includes the Midwest Book Review Reader’s Choice Award, finalist for Foreword Magazine’s Book of the Year Award, the SLF Fountain Award, and The Delta Optimist Reviewers Choice and most recently the Literary Titan award for her latest eco-novel “A Diary in the Age of Water.”

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  • New writers: those who have been writing creatively for less than two years and/or have not yet been published in any form.
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