A Writers’ Circle: Songwriting and Poetry

Join us April 28, 7pm, as some of the most exciting singer-songwriters in our region talk about writing song lyrics, writing poems, and when the two genres come together beautifully. The event will be conducted as a songwriters’ circle, with each artist taking a turn in the spotlight, talking about their songs, and performing.

Participants include Rose Cousins, a Juno Award-winning folk pop singer-songwriter; Owen O’Sound Lee, a musician, songwriter, and vocal arranger and the Minister of Music at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Upper Hammonds Plains; Leanne Hoffman, a singer-songwriter working on a poetry-inspired album; and River of Diamonds, a poetry-pop duo featuring poet/vocalist Michelle Elrick and producer Michael Belyea. Mi’kmaq musician and writer Raymond Sewell will be the host and also take a turn in the circle.

A Writers’ Circle: Songwriting and Poetry is a free event and will take place on Zoom webinar. Register below to receive your link to attend.


The Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia gratefully acknowledges the Robert Pope Foundation for its investment in this free writers’ panel and other special events.

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