Storytelling (with shalan joudry)

Apr 6 – 27, 6:30 – 8:30pm >>

In a time when so many of us are working to reclaim our Indigenous methodologies, shalan joudry feels that it’s imperative that we practice oral storytelling and deep listening to oral story. Through this 4-week workshop series, she will work with Indigenous writers, storytellers, poets and other narrative crafters to share about her experiences, tips, tools, and philosophy about storytelling. Shalan will share her background in this art form, why and how she turned to oral storytelling, but also discuss the importance and role of written work. Weaving between conversation and times for activities/exercises, participants are also encouraged to bring paper and a pencil to the sessions.


Shalan is a mother and narrative artist working in many mediums. She is a poet, playwright, podcast producer, oral storyteller and actor, as well as a cultural interpreter. Her first and third books are poetry collections, both with Gaspereau Press, Generations Re-merging (2014) and Waking Ground (2020). She also has a published theatrical play, Elapultiek, through Pottersfield Press (2019). Elapultiek was produced by Two Planks and a Passion Theatre in August 2018 and October 2019. Shalan has shared her poetry, oral storytelling and drum singing with numerous stages, events, schools and organizations for the past decade. Shalan also runs a seasonal cultural retreat centre with her partner, facilitating cultural and ecological professional development workshops. She lives in her home territory of Kespukwitk (southwest Nova Scotia) with her family in their community of L’sitkuk (Bear River First Nation).

Location: Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia (online with Zoom)

Dates of 4-week workshop: Tuesdays, Apr. 6 + Apr. 13 + Apr. 20 + Apr. 27 (6:30pm to 8:30pm)

Registration for this workshop is open to Indigenous participants only. The workshop is free. If you register online, we request a $10 deposit ($5 for members) upon your registration. This deposit will be refunded immediately after the first workshop date.

To register without paying a deposit, please contact us by email (at or by phone (at 902-423-8116).

Registration for this workshop is closed.

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