Staying in Scene: Assembling the Building Blocks of Fiction (virtual) with Jeff Miller

Dramatizing action, conflict, and relationships, the scene is where fiction comes alive. But for new and emerging fiction writers, differentiating scene from exposition—and knowing when to use each—can be a challenge. This workshop will clear your confusion and help you, as a writer, “stay in scene.” Through craft lessons, discussions, writing prompts, and workshopping, we will explore the key elements of scene, including emotion and concrete sensory detail. We will place a particular emphasis on writing effective dialogue—one of the best ways of revealing character. We will also look at scene design, explore various types of scenes, how to know when a scene is necessary, and how to use memory and backstory without bringing the forward-motion of the story to a halt.
     Scenes are the building blocks of story and make fiction feel ‘real’ to the reader. Scenes are where drama happens, and learning to “stay in scene” will benefit writers of novels, short fiction, and flash fiction.

About the instructor: Jeff Miller is the author of the award-winning creative nonfiction collection Ghost Pine: All Stories True (Invisible Publishing). His stories have appeared in several anthologies and he frequently publishes criticism. He holds an MFA from the University of British Columbia. As a creative writing educator, he has lead workshops in Montreal, Halifax, and Calgary, and worked as a high-school writing mentor and university teaching assistant. He lives on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia.

Recommended experience level: New and emerging writers

Location: Zoom

Dates of 4-week workshop: Wednesdays, Apr 6 + Apr 13 + Apr 20 + Apr 27, 2022 (7:00pm to 9:00pm Atlantic)

Price: At this time, registration for this workshop is restricted to current WFNS members. However, membership is open to all who write or have an interest in writing. (Find out how to join or renew.)

Member Price: $149

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