Promptly: The Workshop (virtual)

Looking for inspiration to kickstart your writing? You needn’t look any further than Promptly: a miscellany of writing tips and tales by 24 Nova Scotian authors, published by the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia and designed & printed by Gaspereau Press.

But if you do want to look a bit further, consider the second edition of Promptly: the workshop! This workshop features a different Promptly contributor each week—an experienced writer who will share a writing prompt; talk about how, when, and why they’ve used it; and invite participants to give it a whirl. Prepare to have fun, write, and share your work.

About the instructors:

  • Apr 12: Anna Quon (member of the WFNS Board of Directors and an organizer behind Promptly) is a novelist and poet who lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She has published a poetry chapbook, Body Parts (2021) with Gaspereau Press and two novels with Invisible Publishing, Migration Songs (2009) and Low (2013). Her third novel, Where the Silver River Ends, will be released in March, 2022. Facebook and salt and vinegar chips are together her predilection, addiction, and affliction.
  • Apr 19: Jacqueline Dumas enjoys observing the woods and critters outside her window. Because she is the non-owner of either pets or houseplants, she likes to pack her writing materials, lock the door behind her, and set off on a spur-of-the-moment road trip. Her latest novel is The Heart Begins Here, which was a finalist for the 2019 Golden Crown Literary Award.
  • Apr 26: Andre Fenton is an author and spoken word poet. He has written two novels and is working on a third. His is also double jointed and can twist his arms backwards without even noticing.
  • May 3: Christy Ann Conlin is a middle-aged mermaid who writes by the sea. She lives the sandwich generation life with her sprawling family of children and elders. Conlin was once the Berwick Fire Prevention Queen and Nova Scotia provincial square dance champion. She still loves nothing better than to shoot the star the promenade all around.

Recommended experience level: New writers and seasoned scribes alike

Location: Zoom

Dates of 4-week workshop: Tuesdays, Apr 12 + Apr 19 + Apr 26 + May 3 (7:00pm to 8:00pm Atlantic)

Registration fee + a copy of Promptly (shipping included): $120

Registration fee only: $100

Proceeds from Promptly: the workshop—like those from Promptly the book—will support the endowment for the Elizabeth Venart Prize, which recognizes the unique barriers to literary creation faced by women and other marginalized genders and supports these writers as they advance works-in-progress.

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