Masterclass on Revision (virtual) with Carol Bruneau

Fear and dread of revising can stand in the way of stories becoming their strongest selves. Often, revising means revisiting and falling in love (again) with a story’s inspiration and potential. In this workshop, we’ll focus on fine-tuning key elements—character development, plot and structure, dialogue and setting—to best convey the story’s truest meaning and keep a reader hooked. We’ll work on strengthening scenes, improving pacing, and deciding when to cut and when to add information—all to create a cohesive, propulsive read that’s satisfying from beginning to end. In other words, we’ll explore ways to make your long or short fiction the very best it can be.

About the instructor: Carol Bruneau is the author of nine books: three short fiction collections and six novels, including Brighten the Corner Where You Are (2020) and A Circle on the Surface (2018.) Her first novel, Purple for Sky, won the 2001 Thomas Head Raddall Atlantic Fiction Award and the Dartmouth Book Award.

Recommended experience level: Established writers and professional authors

Location: Zoom

Dates of 4-week workshop: Wednesdays, Mar 2 + Mar 9 + Mar 16 + Mar 23, 2022 (7:00pm to 9:00pm Atlantic)

Price: At this time, registration for this workshop is restricted to current WFNS members. However, membership is open to all who write or have an interest in writing. (Find out how to join or renew.)

Member Price: $149

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