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In-person visits: Many WITS writers are open to suggestions and amenable to working with teachers, librarians, and principals to ensure their visits complement school curricula. Please note that in-person visits may incur additional costs: WFNS covers all writer mileage, but a writer may require a lunch (if booked for a full-day), overnight accommodations (if travelling 2 or more hours for a visit), and/or travel by bus or car-share (if without access to a vehicle), to be provided at the expense of the hosting school.

Virtual visits: Many of our writers have adapted their presentations for synchronous delivery to the classroom through video conferencing software. Virtual visits are an excellent option for schools with access to a stable internet connection.

Whether in-person or virtual, hosting a WITS writer also requires ensuring that the writer has adequate breaks between sessions.

Contact information for writers will be provided by the WFNS when a booking is confirmed.

By allowing writers and school staff the flexibility to book sessions based on mutual availability, WFNS encourages WITS visits to work in conjunction with school curricula and expedites any re-booking necessitated by illness or inclement weather.


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