Introducing Textcetera

WFNS is always looking for ways to expand the professional development (PD) resources we offer to members and to the general public. We know that many of you have questions about the business and community aspects of storytelling, and while live PD sessions are invaluable, they don’t always line up with your current career stage.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce textcetera, a limited-run blog series that explores the writer’s life beyond craft and provides PD advice on-demand!

In the coming weeks, textcetera will explore topics such as contract negotiations, book promotions, and social media, sharing insight from published authors and industry insiders as well as associated resources. WFNS members will also have access to deeper dives on several topics, available to view or download as PDFs. All textcetera posts can be browsed in our textcetera Archive.

We’ll continue to develop our free public PD resources and to offer virtual PD sessions (held each spring and fall) on these and other business and community topics.

If there’s a particular topic you’d like us to cover in a future textcetera run or a future PD session, please contact us at

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