Second-Wave & Third-Wave
Relief Funds

The Second-Wave and Third-Wave Relief Funds were a short-term subsidy project created in recognition of the COVID-19 pandemic’s continuing impact on the literary industry, particularly on the financial means of some writers.

Applications to both Relief Funds were open to all Nova Scotia writers until the available funds were disbursed.


Subsidies provided through the Second-Wave and Third-Wave Relief Funds were intended to assist Nova Scotia writers experiencing financial hardship in managing basic expenses so that they could continue to produce writing in the face of that hardship. Each subsidy took the form of a one-time payment of $250 to a writer.

Fifteen subsidies of $250 were disbursed during the application period for the Second-Wave Relief Fund (from January to March, 2021). Five additional subsidies of $250 were disbursed through the Third-Wave Relief Fund (in May and June, 2021).

Administered by the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia (WFNS), the Relief Funds were supported by donations received from members of the writing community in Nova Scotia and beyond. These donations were matched by WFNS contributions.

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