The submission theme “journeys” was open to broad interpretation, touching on journeys outward, journeys back home, the passage of time, and other forms of travel, transportation, & exploration.

Selected poets: Sue Goyette, Asha Jeffers, Nanci Lee, Vanessa Lent, Tiffany Morris, Nolan Natasha, Lorri Neilsen Glenn, Anna Quon, Samantha Sternberg, and Evelyn C. White.

Jury: Karen Dahl (of Halifax Public Libraries), Jaime Forsythe, and Sylvia D. Hamilton.

Poetry in Motion Celebration

In 2020, with pandemic conditions prohibiting the annual Poetry in Motion Celebration, we shared the work of participating poets in video form. View the full reading, or jump to a specific poem by clicking any video below.

View the Installations

In October, 2020, posters were installed on Halifax Transit buses in the HRM and Transit Cape Breton buses in Sydney. Posters were designed and illustrated by Sarah MacDonald.

Click on a poem below to view a larger version. 

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