Manuscript Review Program

The Manuscript Review Program enables WFNS members at all career stages to receive feedback on their poetry or prose from professional authors and literary editors. Manuscripts at various stages of development are accepted. Reviewers will provide comments on manuscripts submitted and offer guidance for future steps in the writing process. 


Since its introduction in 2016, the Manuscript Review Program has provided writers with affordable access to the careful attention of literary professionals, who help writers identify the strengths and weaknesses in specific literary works and projects as well as in their literary writing in general.

Writers can expect comments on dialogue, setting, and characterization as well as technique, craft, and technical ability. Additional feedback may (at the reviewer’s discretion) include suggestions for what the writer could do next with the manuscript, suggestions of publishers or journals that may be interested in the work, or general writing career guidance.

Reviewer feedback is returned in the form of written notes — a minimum of 2 double-spaced pages for a review of 10 manuscript pages, with any additional pages of feedback to depend on the size of the manuscript and to be determined by the reviewer. The minimum turnaround time for a 10-page manuscript is three (3) weeks, measured from the date the reviewer receives the manuscript to the date is it returned to the writer. Timelines for longer manuscripts are determined by the reviewer in consultation with the writer.

How does the program work?

Once a manuscript has been received and approved for review, the WFNS matches the writer with a reviewer; confirms that reviewer’s availability; collects program fees from the writer; and then confers payment to the reviewer. Through the application process and subsequent review process, all exchanges among writers, reviewers, and WFNS staff are conducted by email.

Program fees include a flat rate of $100 for the first 10 pages (or fewer) and $1.50 for each page thereafter. WFNS charges a $5 administration fee for any changes to the agreement between writer and reviewer (i.e., any reduction or increase in the number of pages to be reviewed). If, after a writer/reviewer match has been made, the writer wishes to have additional pages reviewed, they must first inform the WFNS, who will revise the agreement and collect additional fees. The writer may then submit the additional pages to the reviewer.

The review process is not anonymous, but a reviewer is not obligated to answer any questions outside of the terms of the manuscript review agreement. Writers may not repeatedly or unwantedly contact reviewers at any point during the manuscript review process (either during the review period or after receipt of the comments); such contact will result in termination of the agreement with no refund. Any disputes between the writer and reviewer are mediated by the WFNS, which will handle any necessary refunds.

It is the responsibility of the writer to ensure the manuscript is polished and edited to the best of their ability prior to their application. The manuscript reviewer is not responsible for providing the services of a technical editor, including project coordination, rewriting, or writing of original material; substantive editing (reorganizing or restructuring of a manuscript); stylistic editing (line-by-line or sentence-by-sentence criticism); copy editing (correction of grammar, spelling, punctuation); fact checking; reference/citation checking; or proofreading. If you are seeking any of these services, please consult the Editors Canada’s extensive list of accredited members, who are available for hire, at

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