The Door of My Heart and Other Poems audiobook


The Door of My Heart and Other Poems by Maxine Tynes
(performed by Tara Taylor)

Curated by poet and scholar Evelyn C. White, this audio anthology gathers the best poems from the collected works of Maxine Tynes: her debut, Borrowed Beauty (1987), winner of the Milton Acorn People’s Poetry Award; her follow-ups, Woman Talking Woman (1990) and The Door Of My Heart (1993); and her collection of children’s poetry, Save the World For Me (1991).

Maxine Tynes was a highly celebrated poet, a recipient of the Governor General’s Canada Medal for her teaching, and a champion in the search for Black Nova Scotian identity and community.

Several Maxine Tynes titles from Pottersfield Press are still available in paperback from Pottersfield’s distributor, Nimbus Publishing.

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