“Maud & Addie” by Maureen Buchanan Jones (June 10)

On June 10, 8pm AST, join the WFNS in celebrating the launch of Maud & Addie (Fitzroy Books) by Maureen Buchanan Jones.

In 1910, two sisters, eleven- and twelve-year-old Maud and Addie, are anticipating their Summer Social in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. However, the two girls are swept out to sea as they are rowing home at the day’s end. Adrift in the North Atlantic with only the contents of a picnic hamper and a carriage blanket, they find their way through stormy seas and make landfall on a deserted island. The girls create a world for themselves among the dunes and keep company with birds and sea creatures. The ensuing adventures test their wits and forge a bond that enables them to survive. This is a castaway tale of inventiveness, courage and resilience!

Maureen Buchanan Jones is the Training Director and former Executive Director of Amherst Writers & Artists and leads writing workshops in Amherst, Massachusetts. Her poetry has appeared in Woman in Natural Resources, 13th Moon, Peregrine, North Dakota Quarterly, Letters from Daughters to Fathers, Writer Advice, Equinox, Calyx, and Chrysalis. Her prose has appeared in Every Day Fiction and Orion and on WFCR-NPR. Her poetry book, blessed are the menial chores, is available on her website. Maureen’s novel, Maud & Addie is available for pre-order and will be released May 6, 2021, by Fitzroy Books, an imprint of Regal Publishing House.

This launch event is free and will be held on Zoom. Register below to receive the link to attend.

Please note that this event will be recorded.

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