“From Thistles to Cowpies” by Jill Martin Bouteillier (May 6)

On May 6, 8pm, join the WFNS in celebrating the launch of From Thistles to Cowpies (Crossfield Publishing) by Jill Martin Bouteillier.

A unique blend of biography and memoir, From Thistles to Cowpies, a touching narrative about Canada’s early settlers, is both timely and significant. Bookended by two world wars, the novel follows two families, from the Highlands of Scotland and the windswept dunes of Sable Island, who leave everything they know to embrace the unknown in the vast plains of southern Saskatchewan. With increased interest in DNA tests, the general population is fascinated both with their own and the country’s past. What better way to understand that past than through the experiences of those early arrivals? Jill Martin Bouteillier invites readers to leave the world of instant connection behind and enter the portals of the past through the eyes of those who, like her parents, lived it.

Jill Martin Bouteillier, former consultant-historian for the National Film Board and White Gate Films, published her first book, Return to Sable, in 2015. Her second book, Sable Island in Black and White, a pictorial book of life on Sable Island at the turn of the 20th century (Nimbus 2016), won the 2017 Atlantic Book award for historical non-fiction. Her most recent book From Thistles to Cowpies, (Crossfield Publishing 2020), artfully blends memoir and biography in a touching narrative of two immigrant families who settle in Saskatchewan in the early 20th century. Modern readers enter the portals of the past through the eyes of those who lived it. Before she began writing full time, Jill was an educator on Nova Scotia’s South Shore, serving as the last principal of Lunenburg Academy. She sits on the board of Friends of Sable Island Society as Director of Education.

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