Legacy Membership

Legacy Membership recognizes and celebrates WFNS members whose achievements to date (including published works and other community contributions) have impacted our province’s cultural life and creative economy. Legacy Members are granted free general membership in perpetuity. Four Legacy Members were inducted in 2016 as part of the WFNS’s 40th anniversary celebrations. 

Legacy Members inducted on November 30, 2016:

  • Silver Donald Cameron (1937 – 2020), Member of the Order of Canada: Don was one of the founders of the WFNS, instrumental in initial planning meetings in 1975 and on the inaugural executive following the formation of the WFNS in 1976. His body of work has engaged both our changing times and his own restless inquiry, and his longstanding support of the WFNS and its members have enriched a generation of writers throughout Canada.
  • Sylvia Gunnery: Sylvia has been active with the WFNS since 1976. Her wide-ranging body of work, her commitment to arts education as a teacher, presenter, and mentor of writers young and old, her advocacy for writers locally and nationally, and her leadership and volunteer roles for the WFNS are a testament to her generosity and resourcefulness.
  • Sharon Gibson Palermo (1947 – 2019): Sharon was a longstanding supporter and member of the WFNS. She touched the lives and learning of many readers and writers through her work as a WFNS member and volunteer; her tireless mentoring of young readers and young philosophers; and her ongoing service to our literary community, such as her role with the Hackmatack Children’s Choice Book Award.
  • Ken Ward: Ken has been an active WFNS member since 1976. His work as a writer (as well as visual artist and musician!), his role as an arts educator who has mentored students of all ages, and his leadership roles for the WFNS and the Writers Union of Canada in advocating for writers locally and nationally are the hallmarks of commitment, dedication, and passion. 

Legacy Members previously inducted:

  • Peggy Amirault
  • Harry Bruce
  • Greg Cook
  • Mary Jane Copps
  • Susan Kerslake
  • Budge & Alan Wilson
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