William Crowell

Bill was born in Sydney, Nova Scotia and now lives in Lake Annis, Yarmouth County with his wife, Frances. A World War II veteran and holding a Masters in Art Education from SUNY, Bill divides his time between writing and painting, He has served as President of Clan Cameron, N.S. and of the St. Andrew’s Society of South West Nova Scotia, and he instigated Nova Scotia’s Tartan Day (April 6). Bill is a charter member of WFNS and published Bluenose Magazine with his wife for a few years. He has written stories and articles for the Halifax Herald, Atlantic Advocate, Outdoor Canada and various anthologies. His short Story “A Hearse of a Different Colour” won the Nova Scotia place in the Canadian Authors Association millenium anthology, In All Directions, Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 2000. Markham, Ont. ISBN 1-55041-1-608-1.


Heritage Award, Yarmouth County Historical Society; ‘The Raccoon Sporran’

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