Thibault Jacquot-Paratte

From the Annapolis Valley. Travelled across North Amrica, Europe, India, Japan, Cameroon, Tunisia. Bachelor’s of Nordic studies from the Sorbonne in 2015, Master’s in sociology in 2017; year of study in Tromsø, Norway, Study certificates from the University of Vaasa (Fi.), and The Askov Folkehøjskole (DK.).

Started publishing poetry in 2010, has since published poetry, short stories, essays, and theatre in both English and French, in Canada, Europe and India. His first three plays were published in Paris in 2016-2017; first poetry collection in Allahabad in 2020. In 2017, co-directed and co-wrote one film (in Denmark) ; Tallinn, hvor smuk du er. Also a musician and a songwriter, has had the opportunity to play in Canada, France, Germany, Norway, Denmark, India and japan, and has produced a certain number of recordings. He has also been invited as an official poet to certain events, such as one of the official poets of the SNA at the 2019 CMA, in Moncton.



Cries of somewhere’s soil, Poetry, Cyberwit

La dérivée de pâques (Easter’s derive), Drama, Édilivre publishings

Les mangeurs d’ail (The garlic eaters), Drama, Édilivre publishings

Chlorophyllisme (Chlorophyllism), Drama, Édilivre publishings

Other publications (exerpts) :

Artichaut no. 6 Hybrides (poems)

Ancrage, Une ville un livre, partie 2, August 2016 (poems)

Ancrage, ÉchosApril 2017 (poems)

Ancrage No.13 summer 2017 & No.19 winter 2019 (short fiction)

BREF, Éditions du Blé, autumn 2017 (short fiction)

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Awards and recognition :
– Energheia Europe literary Prize 2020 Finalist, Matera (Italy) for the short story “Lucien”
– Poète en pavillon de la Société Nationale de l’Acadie, Congrès Mondial Acadien, Moncton, 2019
– Prix du public UnisTV for the short film (scenario) Le grand-père d’Ursule, 2019, Halifax.
– Prix Faites du train, Conseil Jeunesse Provincial N.-É., Halifax, 2010, received for poetry

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