Steven Mayoff


Steven Mayoff is originally from Montreal, lived in Toronto for 17 years and has made Foxley River, Prince Edward Island his home since 2001. His fiction and poetry have appeared in magazines across Canada and the U.S.A. including Grain, the Malahat Review, Pottersfield Portfolio, the Dalhousie Review, Mobius Magazine, Euphony and the Vocabula Review, as well as the Dublin Review and Crannog (Ireland), The Arabesques Review (Algeria) and Upstairs At Duroc (France).

He has collaborated on one stage play, Bully, produced at The Theatre Centre in Toronto, and three radio plays – Call Waiting, Afterlife and Phone Booth – for CBC Radio. In 2000 he was nominated for a Dora Mavor Moore Award for his contribution as a lyricist to the show Swingstep, which was produced at The Ford Centre in North York, Ontario. His lyrics and poetry have been set to music in various genres by Melanie Doane (pop), Ted Dykstra (musical theatre) and David R. Scott (contemporary classical). He won the David Adams Richards Prize for an early portion of a novel-in-progress under its working title, Mariasse. This same novel-in-progress, under its new title, Destinations And Departures, was a Top 100 Semi-finalist for the Breakout Novel Award.

“The memorable characters of Fatted Calf Blues resonate long after these stories are over: a man in a streetcar proclaiming his genius, a couple who question one another after a love note is found taped to their door, a man at a truck stop who keeps a dream diary. They’re curious, funny, wistful; we’re sure we’ve met them somewhere before. With energy and wit, Mayoff shows us all that is familiar, and then tilts the world so it becomes surprising and strange. These are stories to relish – sink your teeth into this book.” – Anne Simpson, author of Falling

“Seasoned and edgy, these stories straddle the shifting gap between the real and the surreal, the magical and the grotesque. They carve out a sparkling niche of light from the shadows of their characters’ longings and culpability, and are guaranteed to test and celebrate the reader’s footing! Steven Mayoff’s ear for dialogue and eye for quirky detail make Fatted Calf Blues a startling debut.” – Carol Bruneau, author of Glass Voices.

“Fatted Calf Blues is chock full of potent short fiction that bores straight into the often cold heart of the contemporary human condition. Steven Mayoff is a courageous writer, blending humour, despair, loss, violence and minor epiphany in his vivid and vital narratives.” – Matthew Firth, author of Suburban Pornography and Other Stories.

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