Richard Charlton

Richard Charlton is originally from Newcastle upon Tyne, England. After five years in Nairobi, Kenya, in East Africa, he finally emigrated to Canada in 1975 with wife June and their three children: Joanne, John and James, settling in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Richard is a professional electrical engineer with a variety of extracurricular writing and dramatic productions to his credit, spanning many years with many published and performed works. He recently created the Kippernickker Adventure Stories for his grandchildren in California who asked for the stories so often he decided to write them all down. There are
now ten stories in all, published through Little Fishes Publishing.  Check the website for details


2003 WFNS 27th Annual Writing Competition: 2nd; Childrens Lit; Professor Pigglepoggle


2001 WFNS 25th Annual Writing Competition: 3rd; Childrens Lit; King of the Desert

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