Natalie Corbett

Natalie Corbett Sampson grew up in the big city and moved to Nova Scotia to attend Acadia University where she met a boy. She completed post graduate studies at Dalhousie University and became a Speech Language Pathologist. Now Natalie’s day job as an SLP allows her the opportunity to work with awesome kids and their families, while her rest-of-the-time job lets her release pent up creativity and frustration by pounding the Mac keys to create alternate truths.

Natalie’s books include: Game Plan (2013), Aptitude (2015), It Should Have Been a #GoodDay (2016) and Take These Broken Wings (2017). All four novels have been well received and graciously reviewed. Another book is always in the works. When she’s not working or writing Natalie spends hours on Halifax roads chauffeuring her four budding athletes and musicians to their ecclectic activities.

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