Mark Oakley

Mark Oakley has lived all over Eastern Canada, Quebec, New Brunswick, Ontario and now in Nova Scotia. He currently lives in Wolfville, where he runs a small one-person comics and illustration studio. He has published many comics and graphic novels over the years, the largest project of which is a long-running fantasy-adventure series for all ages, Thieves & Kings. Filling now six graphic novel volumes, Thieves & Kings is available in libraries, comics shops and book stores all across North America. When he moved to Wolfville in 2003, Mark got involved with the town community and began publishing a short comic strip for the well-circulated town newsletter, “The Grapevine”.

Originally begun as a limited project, over the years the comic strip has grown to constitute an important and much-loved portion of his daily attention, having grown in both size and scope to become a popular and unique piece of Wolfville culture. (That story, entitled “Stardrop”, follows the tale of an intergalactic princess who moved to a small Nova Scotian town to start a new life for herself. The first graphic novel collection of, “Stardrop” (200 pages, Black & White), was published in Spring of 2010, with the second volume being due for release this December (2012).

From his days working as a camp councilor to now, Mark has taught countless hundreds of kids all kinds of things about comics and story-telling.

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