Mariolina Koller-Fanconi

Mariolina Koller-Fanconi (born 1933 in Milano/Italy of an Italian mother and a Swiss father) is a bilingual writer (German and Italian) and has now started to write in English. She is also fluent in French. She is a member of AdS, the Swiss Writers’ Association.

Mariolina has given numerous readings and held lectures in Switzerland. She organized monthly literary sessions to promote unknown writers and carried out practical “quick workshops” for writing beginners. In the eighties she set up a small company in Switzerland to edit and publish books written by women, which she managed and financed herself. Due to her move to Canada, this company is no longer active.

She has been published in several Swiss and Italian newspapers, literary and cultural magazines as well as in anthologies. The English translation of her fictional biography of Eleonora d’Arborea, a Sardinian noblewoman of the Middle Ages, was launched in Halifax in February 2008. Since then she has written a “baroque” short story in German, Krise in Medirocca, a collection of Animal Stories for Young and Old in English, as well as detailed travel reports in English about her trips to Malta, Israel and the city of Trieste.

Her next project is the “life story” of a many centuries old house in the Swiss Alps.

Her main interests are Female Issues, World history and History of Religions.

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