Kate Inglis


KATE INGLIS is an author and photographer living on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. Her fourth book, Notes for the Everlost: A Field Guide to Grief (Shambhala, 2018) won the Evelyn Richardson Non-Fiction Literary Award. She also writes children’s fiction, including award-nominated novels — her fifth and most recent picture book, A Great Big Night, launched in September 2020 and was awarded a Kirkus star. Kate’s work has been featured in poetry anthologies, and she also co-authored a best-selling book on the craft of photography.



A GREAT BIG NIGHT (2020) by Kate Inglis is a picture book for 4-8 year-olds featuring the gorgeous work of brilliant, award-winning illustrator Josée Bisaillon. Awarded a Kirkus star, this sweet, rollicking woodland tale sings the value of the performing arts in our communities. Three gentle frogs pedal through the woods towing a wagon full of treasure — all the fixings for dancing and music — and after a wild storm, they win an unexpected fan.

“Riff-raff rules in this joyful, playful, high energy great big night.” — Kirkus

NOTES FOR THE EVERLOST: A FIELD GUIDE TO GRIEF (2018) is Kate Inglis’s memoir and handbook for the heartbroken. Awarded the Evelyn Richardson Award for Non-Fiction, this powerful, unsparing account of loss will speak to all who have been bereaved and are grieving, and offers inspiration on moving forward, gently integrating the loss into life.

Notes for the Everlost is the most beautifully written book I have read in ages, and a great deal more besides: comforting, and sad; full of riddles and wisdom; an unsparing map of grief, with its stubborn terrain and dark jokes and switchback heartbroken roads. This book is great company for terrible times.” —Elizabeth McCracken, author of Thunderstruck & Other Stories

In the hilarious picture book IF I WERE A ZOMBIE (2016) written by Hackmatack Award-nominated author Kate Inglis and drawn by award-winning illustrator Eric Orchard, two best friends imagine ordinary life as classic monsters and mythical creatures.

“A boisterous trip through the twisted and often gory delights of a child’s imagination, ‘If I Were A Zombie’ is a picture book that’s fun and gross at the same time. What could be better?” — National Reading Campaign

Kate Inglis’s FLIGHT OF THE GRIFFONS (2014), the sequel to THE DREAD CREW, follows Missy Bullseye as she ventures from the deep northern woods of Ontario and Quebec to the Prairies, discovering heroes who look like villains, crimes that look like profit, and heights that aren’t so bad—as long as a true-hearted pirate is holding the rope.

“Loyalty and ethics are at the heart of this brilliant and surprising novel with faithful stewardship, friendship, and family. A thoughtful, fast-paced, entertaining novel.” —Tanita Davis

Kate Inglis’s first novel, THE DREAD CREW: PIRATES OF THE BACKWOODS (2009), includes 15 full-page illustrations from award-winning artist Sydney Smith. as well as a forest-crushing landship, secret clues, junk as treasure, and a mystery fit for pirate hunters.

“A rollicking, rowdy hoot, with humor akin to Roald Dahl at his most satirically anti-establishment, and evocative language that echoes Goldman’s The Princess Bride.” —Lois Rubin Gross


Winner, Evelyn Richardson Non-Fiction Literary Award: NOTES FOR THE EVERLOST: A FIELD GUIDE TO GRIEF (2018)

Nominee, Red Cedar Award and Hackmatack Award: THE DREAD CREW: PIRATES OF THE BACKWOODS (2009)

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