Julia McCarthy


Julia McCarthy is originally from Toronto. Her poetry has appeared in magazines in Canada, the United States and the U.K. She is the author of two poetry collections, Stormthrower and Return from Erebus which received the Canadian Authors Association Poetry award. Her third collection, All the Names Between was a finalist for the Governor-General’s Award.

She spent a decade outside of Canada living in Alaska and Georgia, as well as Norway and South Africa. She has taught classes on creativity and poetry at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and facilitated poetry workshops for adolescents. Her work has been shortlisted for awards in the United States and Canada.

“These poems take the reader through a multitude of experiences that are centred viscerally in the spirit, and its reactions to the universe. Intuition and art combine to bring evocative and graceful language to fruition on every page. Her voice is authoritative and subtle, rich with the resonances of lived experiences that are actualized, and laid out before the reader in a superb embodiment of attentiveness. They stir the mind and mend the heart because they show us the world with compelling, evocative words that lift us into the intimacies of light and darkness. Reading this book makes me ecstatic about poetry.” – Don Domanski on ‘Return from Erebus’

“There’s a brilliant clairvoyance running through these pages, a rare perceptual gift, a deep sensing of inner and outer worlds. These poems give us back wonder, shadow, and the sheer joy of language, redeeming all the places we occupy by affirming their many realities. Here is a gift of sustained and dazzling imagery, exquisitely crafted, intensely felt, here is a book full of grace and strength.” – Don Domanski on ‘Stormthrower’

“The incontestable cornerstone of McCarthy’s book is her deep connection with, and loving respect for, the natural world and all that that encompasses. Nature speaks to her because she lets it, because she listens, and she is able to communicate the things it tells her through her vivid and penetrating poetry. Stormthrower is all about using art as a bridge between the wonders of nature and the mysteries of human emotion.” – Ben Gehrels, The Antigonish Review.

“Here is a book of meditations for even those immune to poetry, a poetry with no comfort zones.” Goran Simic on “All the Names Between”

“These are poems scintillant with vision and stunningly intimate–showing us page after page the full and exquisite measure of ‘night’s worth.'” Clarise Foster, editor, Contemporary Verse 2, on All the Names Between.



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