Judith Hoegg Ryan

Judith Hoegg Ryan is an author, curator, researcher, and oral historian. A graduate of the University of King’s College with an Arts degree in English, Judith has done extensive research into industrial history, particularly for the Nova Scotia Museum of Industry in Stellarton, where several of her reports are in their library and where she has curated two permanent exhibits, “Coal and Grit” and the Interpretive Plaza display. Her second book, Coal in Our Blood, reflects her particular interest in coal mining and combines many of her specialties: historical narrative and mining technology, interpretive imagery, and personal interviews with miners and their families. Among other accomplishments, she compiled an archives for Sobeys Inc. and curated their exhibit, “Sobeys: A Corporate Family”. She is also the editor of the annual science review of the Bedford Institute of Oceanography. A Stellarton native, Judith has lived in several cities across Canada from St. John’s to Vancouver, and since 1989 has resided with her husband and daughter in Halifax and Caribou Island, Nova Scotia.

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