Heather Pyrcz


Heather Pyrcz was born in B.C. and raised in Ottawa, Whitehorse and Churchill. She received a B.A. and M.Ed. from the University of Alberta, and an M.A. in English Literature from Acadia University. She has taught grades 2-6 and was an instructor and faculty consultant for the University of Alberta. A mother of two, she has spent the last 20 years with her family in Wolfville, where she taught creative writing and introductory English part time at Acadia University. Gaspereau Press has published three of her books of poetry, Town Limits, Nights on Prospect Street and Viaticum. She has also published A Digital History of Canadian Poetry for the League of Canadian Poets’ website, and two books from Oxford University Press: The Canadian Oxford Guide to Writing 2nd Edition with Thomas Kane (2008), and Writing with Style (2010).

Heather has published in anthologies and literary journals across the country. Her poems may be heard on CBC radio and The National Gallery Auto guide. She has read widely in Canada including Victoria, Harbourfront in Toronto, Ottawa, St. John, Charlottetown, Halifax, St. Johns, and on university campuses in the Maritimes. She is also a member of WITS and enjoys school visits immensely.

A new book of poems, Raven’s Illumination, in collaboration with west coast artist Ted Colyer, is available from Blurb. Currently, she is completing a fantasy trilogy for young adults and a book of poems for children.



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