Harry Bruce

Harry Bruce, a Torontonian by birth and Nova Scotian by ancestry and choice, worked for Ontario newspapers and magazines from 1955-to 1971 before moving to Nova Scotia. In addition to freelance journalism and writing books, he writes and edits, under contract, for the federal government and private industry. Harry graduated from Mount Allison University with a B.A. in Honours English and has given occasional readings and lectures. In 1997, he received the Evelyn Richardson Non-Fiction Award nineteen years after winning the award in its inaugural year.


Winner of the 1997 Evelyn Richardson Non-Fiction Prize; ‘An Illustrated History of Nova Scotia’


Winner of the 1988 City of Dartmouth First Annual Book Award; ‘Down Home’


Winner of the Booksellers Choice Award; ‘Down Home’


Winner of the 1978-Evelyn Richardson Memorial Literary Trust Award; ‘Lifeline’

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