Gwen Martin

Gwen has been a writer and editor almost since the invention of the cell phone. During her decades-long professional career she produced political speeches, grant proposals, and geoscience reports for clients across Canada. Between writing and teaching gigs she jumped freight trains, played lounge piano, and prospected for gold. She also published three history books: Once Upon a Mine, For Love of Stone, and Gesner’s Dream.

Gwen’s CNF works appear in Geist Magazine, The Antigonish Review, Mom Egg Review, Funny Pearls, Hippocampus Magazine, and elsewhere. She currently is writing a mystery series featuring a forensic geologist named Beryl Strand who lives in a saltmarsh New Brunswick village. Gwen is also a professional member with The Writers’ Union of Canada, Crime Writers of Canada (as its Atlantic Canada regional representative), and Writers’ Federation of New Brunswick.


Gesner’s Dream (2003)

For Love of Stone (1990)

Once Upon a Mine (1983)


Won 1st and/or 2nd prize in various writing competitions in the 2010s (e.g., Geist Magazine Work Shanty Contest, WFNB Narrative Nonfiction Prize, WFNB Dawn Watson Memorial Prize for Single Poem).

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