Fred Ted Hollett

Fred Ted Hollett worked as an artist, journalist, writer, newspaper editor, screenwriter, producer and radio reporter.

As an artist, Fred started his career drawing cartoon ads for the windows of his mother’s corner grocery store in North End Halifax. At school, he preferred to do his history lessons in the form of a super hero comic book and later started cartooning for a QEH paper.

Starting a school newspaper in Grade 7 led him to writing and cartooning for Dal Gazette and Pharos year book, and later to a reporter’s job at The Chronicle Herald. After moving to Ontario, Fred worked for Sentinel-Review and Hamilton Daily News, and for ten years he was a reporter, photographer and cartoonist for Toronto Telegram and The Daily Star.

Fred also worked as a writer and creative director with several top advertisement agencies with such clients as Shell Oil, Volkswagen, Amex, and General Foods. He is best known as a creator of TV ad for Coffee Crisp that became the longest running commercial on Canadian TV. His “best fun job” was as a reporter on Freddie’s Ballgame, a daily hour radio show on WIPC, Winter Haven, Florida.

Fred Ted Hollett lives in Halifax.

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