Don Ledger

Don Ledger is a writer, researcher and the author of three books and numerous magazine articles dealing with aviation and the UFO phenomenon. He produced and edited an aviation newsletter for over 17 years, and currently participates in and/or runs workshops dealing with certain aspects of writing. He also appears before schools to give lectures, and has appeared in numerous documentaries dealing with the UFO phenomenon. Ledger is currently a regular columnist and sometimes feature writer with Canadian Aviator Magazine. He also contributes articles to other magazines as well as trade papers and newspapers.

Ledger is a private pilot with nearly thirty years of flying experience. He has been involved in many facets of the flying community, including volunteer time in the air search and rescue field, and has held positions in various flying organizations. He is a member of the Writer’s Council of Nova Scotia. He retired [2004] from the Nova Scotia government, where he worked as the Director/Coordinator of the Legislative Television coverage of the debates in the Nova Scotia Legislature. He was employed with the NS Government for 34 years.

Ledger’s books include Swissair Down, a pilot’s view of the tragic event that took place on the night of September 2, 1998 at the mouth of St. Margaret’s Bay, Dark Object, which chronicles the world famous UFO event that took place in Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia on Oct. 4, 1967, and Maritime UFO Files [re-released], a compendium of UFO cases in eastern Canada.

Ledger is currently looking for an agent for his recently completed novel, The Disciple, and is working on another novel.

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