Deannie Sullivan-Fraser

Deannie Sullivan-Fraser loves to help children find and tell their own family stories. Deannie’s writing centers on family and focuses on mainly on children. Johnny and the Gypsy Moth, published by Creative Publishing in St. John’s, Newfoundland and illustrated by co-pilot Kathy HildaRose Kaulbach, is based on an amazing event in her young father’s life. She is the author of a family musical, Time Shadows, where she wrote the play and the music. One of the songs, Making Tracks, was recorded for Sesame Street. Two other songs, I Had a Place and You’re my World, were recorded by the Ontario group, Arane. Deannie is currently taking her Master’s in Atlantic Canada Studies, at St. Mary’s University in Halifax. Her thesis is Plants, Patent Medicines, Poultices and Pills: Home Medicine of Rose Blanche, Newfoundland. She has worked as an associate producer, production assistant and researcher for CBC Radio’s Mainstreet, a researcher for television for shows such as Reinventing Rituals, Marrying Well, Street Cents, Land & Sea and CBC special documentaries series, as well as historical feature film, Butterbox Babies. Deannie has also written articles for The Chronicle Herald and various other publications.

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