Anna Quon

Burnt like toast from a freelance writing career, Anna Quon faced the fact that she had always wanted to be a novelist and poet. She thought if she sat at her computer and wrote several hundred words a day she’d get there eventually… and she did. The first pages of her first draft took her to the beautiful St. Petersburg on a small scholarship from the Summer Literary Seminars Russia, which in turn encouraged her to keep writing. She finished a first draft in 2007 and her novel Migration Songs was released by Invisible Publishing in Fall, 2009. Her second novel, Low, followed in 2013, and her third is in the works, scheduled for publication with Invisible in 2021.

Anna has self-published two chapbooks of poetry, Poems for 4 Seasons (ISBN 0-9737263-0-X) and Half Empty (ISBN 0-9737263-1-8), and a number of poetry zines. Lately she’s had a poem accepted to Poetry in Motion and a chapbook for Atlantic Canadian poets to be produced by the League of Canadian Poets, and in 2020 also completed an animated film of her poem “Polar Bear” thanks to a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts. Her first professionally published chapbook of poetry is scheduled to be released in the Sping of 2021.

Before she decided to call herself a writer, Anna held a number of different jobs, including day care teacher, administrative assistant, fundraiser/ outreach coordinator for a shelter for victims of family violence, volunteer coordinator of a disability organization, retail sales clerk and communications assistant for a provincial not-for-profit. She hopes the jobs title of novelist, poet, and filmmaker will stick longer than any of them.

For samples of her writing check out her blog,

Find examples of her visual art at and check out her Eke and Utter Arts YouTube channel for her poetry films Missing Women and The Day I Stopped Talking.

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