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Spring deadline: June 9, 2022

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide inclusive programming opportunities for members of our Writers’ Council, WFNS invites expressions of interest for the opportunities listed below.

We appreciate all expressions of interest received. Because there are limited opportunities available, not all interested Writers’ Council members will be invited to participate during the program year. WFNS also reserves the right to “go off-list,” should specific circumstances warrant, and contact members who may not have submitted to this open call. However, we will work to ensure that annual opportunities are shared as equitably as possible year-to-year among as many members as possible.

Those interested in participating in Writers In The Schools (WITS) must inquire with Linda Hudson at

Please note: the required periods of availability differ for each role in our program year. We ask that you check your availability against an opportunity’s “Required availability” information before expressing interest.


INSTRUCTOR: summer Creative Writing Day Camp (in-person)
Required availability: [TBA]
Remuneration: $100 per hour of instruction
Details: Potential instructors should pitch a single-session workshop topic suitable for 2- to 3-hour virtual deliver. Please include target age range of workshop participants.

INSTRUCTOR: Creative writing workshop, or “workshop” (virtual and/or in-person)
Required availability: fall, winter, and/or spring
Remuneration: $100 per hour of instruction
Details: Writers with some instructional, mentoring, or group leadership experience to lead workshops of various genres & forms, formats, and participant experience. Workshops should be from two to five 2-hour sessions in length. While we will consider all workshop proposals, our membership has expressed particular interest in the following genres, topics, & formats:

  • Masterclasses (exclusively for established writers and professional authors) in various forms/genres
  • Guided and enriched peer-feedback workshops in various forms/genres
  • Fiction: historical fiction; romance; flash fiction; character development, dialogue, and point-of-view; applying journalistic principles/practices to (genre) fiction; masterclass on writing scenes & structuring plot (including evaluation of plotting software)
  • Nonfiction: memoir; travel writing; zine-creation
  • Poetry: revising the poetic line; shaping a poetry chapbook; making the leap from fiction to poetry

INSTRUCTOR: Professional development session, or “PD session” (virtual)
Required availability: fall and/or winter
Remuneration: $100 per hour of instruction
Details: Writers or content-specific professionals to lead professional development sessions covering the business, logistics, technical skills, and career decisions involved in writing. While we will consider all session proposals, our membership has expressed particular interest in the following topics and formats:

  • Websites for authors and unpublished writers
  • Self-marketing a novel
  • Cover and book design (for self-publishing writers & small publishers)
  • Multi-week self-promotion intensive
  • Multi-week synopsis / query letter intensive
  • Multi-week exploration of creative community-building (constructively workshopping with peers; forming and maintaining writing groups; writer-illustrator and writer-writer collaboration)

JUROR: Poetry in Motion (remote)
Required availability: July, 2022
Remuneration: $250
Details: Peer assessment jurors to determine the poems included in the 2021 Poetry in Motion program. Potential jurors must be writers with professional publications in poetry.

JUROR: Alistair MacLeod Mentorship Program & Elizabeth Venart Prize (remote)
Required availability: November, 2022
Remuneration: $250 + $5 per application rate
Details: Peer assessment jurors to (1) determine successful apprentice writer applications and recommend potential mentors for successful applicants for the 2022 Alistair MacLeod Mentorship Program and (2) determine recipient(s) of the 2022 Elizabeth Venart Prize. The three-person mentorship jury will be finalized based on the composition, in terms of form and genre, of the applications & submissions received to both programs. Potential jurors must be writers with professional publications in fiction, poetry, and non-fiction, including genre fiction and specific forms of fiction and non-fiction, depending on the project applications received.

JUROR: Nova Scotia Book Awards and Atlantic Book Awards (remote)
Required availability: February, 2023
Remuneration: $250 + $5 per book assessed
Details: Peer assessment readers and judges to determine the 2022 shortlists and winners of the five Book Awards administered by WFNS: Ann Connor Brimer Award, Evelyn Richardson Nonfiction Award, J.M. Abraham Atlantic Poetry Award, Maxine Tynes Nova Scotia Poetry Award, and Thomas Raddall Atlantic Fiction Award. Jurors must have professional publications in the genre of award for which they read or judge. Jurors may serve on only one award jury per year.

JUROR/READER: Nova Writes Competition for Unpublished Manuscripts (remote)
Required availability: February and March, 2023
Remuneration: $150
Details: Peer assessment readers to (1) assess all entries within a prize category; (2) provide generative feedback on a portion of all entries within a prize category, in conjunction with other readers in the category; (3) produce a shortlist for the prize category, in collaboration with other readers in the category. Readers will assess and critique entries for their originality, creativity, and quality of writing. The feedback returned to entrants may appraise form, structure, plot, and a wide range of literary techniques. Following the same criteria as the reading team, a judge for each prize category will subsequently evaluate the prize shortlist to determine a winner and, if appropriate, any honourable mentions.


MENTOR: Alistair MacLeod Mentorship Program (in-person and remote)
Required availability: mandatory group meetings will be conducted via Zoom at 10am on Dec 8, 2022; Feb 23, 2023; and Apr 27, 2023, and the Celebration of Emerging Writers will be held in person in Halifax on the evening of June 1, 2023
Remuneration: $2500
Details: Mentors provide intensive one-one-support to apprentice writers as they work on a manuscript on the cusp of professional publication. Mentors must be writers with professional publications in fiction (including specific sub-genres), nonfiction (including specific sub-genres), or poetry. Selection of mentors (from among those expressing interest) will be determined by the form and genre of successful applications, peer assessment juror recommendations, and staff’s coordination of logistics with potential mentors.

ADVISOR: Coffee Chats (remote)
Required availability: flexible
Remuneration: $50/half-hour
Details: Advisors provide their experiences and opinions (on the writing life, writing practices, writing struggles, and career advancement) to new or emerging writers through informal, half-hour conversations via Zoom or phone. Advisors are not expected to prepare for the meeting in advance or to answer questions via email. No distinct advisor profile is necessary: all those interested will have their Writers’ Council profiles listed on the Coffee Chats scheduling page.

REVIEWER: Manuscript Review Program (remote)
Required availability: flexible
Remuneration: $75+/manuscript (depending on manuscript length)
Details: Reviewers provide developmental advice for re-vamping, re-visioning, or re-conceiving a literary project that needs a fresh pair of eyes. Reviewers are expected to produce at least 2 double-spaced pages of written, high-level feedback (no stylistic or copy edits) per manuscript review. Feedback should address technique, craft, genre/form, and any specific concerns identified in the writer’s application. A distinct reviewer profile is required (indicating genres of expertise, availability, and a descriptive paragraph) for listing on the Manuscript Review Program application page.

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Please note: the required periods of availability differ for each role in our 2022/2023 programs. We ask that you check your availability before expressing interest.
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