• Biography

    Gwen Davies writes short stories and novels and the occasional essay. In 2000 she founded the acclaimed writing retreat Community of Writers, a summer retreat at the Tatamagouche Centre https://www.tatacentre.ca/. She teaches creative writing at the Nova Scotia Community College and in private workshops and retreats, and particularly enjoys working with new writers. She earns a living as a consultant in clear language and design, and boosts her spirit doing parkour -- check out this video on Halifax parkour [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEZLdVbD56E]. 

    Gwen grew up as an Air Force Brat, moving with her strange and interesting family around Ontario and France and exploring Europe with them in a VW camper. She graduated from Wilfird Laurier with an BA Honours in English and later from King's with a BJ and holds an Adult Education Certificate from the Tatamagouche Centre. Over the years she has taught high school English, worked with health food, written stories for magazines and newspapers including The Globe and Mail, and worked in community development and various types of consulting.

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    • Education and Communications
      • Examples of creative and useful plain language projects

        Labour Standards Code Fact Sheets (co-author). Nova Scotia Department of Education, 2006.

      • Off-highway Vehicles Riders Handbook & Rules & Regulations (co-writer), NS Department of Labour & Workforce

      • Kids' Health and the Environment: A Tool Kit. Cape Breton District Health Authority, 2004.

    • First place, Sheldon Currie Fiction Contest, The Antigonish Review, 2013

    • WFNS Effervescent Heart Award, 2004. "To thank and recognize an outstanding member of the writers' community: a person who dedicated years of selfless service to the emerging writers in this region."

    • Creation Grant, Arts Council of Nova Scotia, 2001.

    • Video Scholarship, Centre for Art Tapes, Halifax, 1994.