• Biography

    Valerie Compton is the author of the novel Tide Road, a finalist for the 2012 Thomas Head Raddall Atlantic Fiction Award. Her short fiction has been published in literary journals across Canada and shortlisted for the CBC Literary Award. Her non-fiction articles and book reviews have appeared in The Globe and Mail, Ottawa Citizen, Gourmet and elsewhere. Valerie has been leading writing workshops and mentoring writers since 2005.   

    • Tide Road: a novel. Goose Lane Editions (2011). ISBN: 9780864926357

    • "Finding Home." The New Quarterly, 2005.

    • "Brighid." echolocation, 2005.

    • "Pippy's Bitter." The Antigonish Review, 2004.

    • "Sound Advice." The Dalhousie Review, 2003.

    • "Words from a Book." The Malahat Review, 2002.

    • "Natural Leavening." Grain, 2001.

    • "Lolly." Riddle Fence. 2010.

    • "The Subversives." Riptides: New Island Fiction, 2012.

    • "Godwit." The New Quarterly / Arc Poetry Magazine, 2011.

    • "Crane." Room Magazine. 2011. 


    "Godwit." The New Quarterly/Arc Poetry Magazine, 2011.

    • Nominated for the Thomas Head Raddall Atlantic Fiction Award for Tide Road, 2012.

    • Shortlist for "Lolly." CBC Literary Awards. 2004.

    • Finalist for "Brighid" and "Light Vessel Lost." Island Literary Awards. 2004.

    • Winner for "Bluebird People." Island Literary Awards. 2006.