• Biography

    Sophie Bérubé brings innovation and passion to her work as a writer and performer. Writing mainly in French, she is the author of the Le chef d'oeuvre de Lombrie and La truelle magique. Le Chef-d'oeuvre de Lombrie, won the Lilla Stirling Award in the spring of 2002. Her first poetry collection, La trombe sacreé, was publshed in the fall of 2002 and won the Prix France-Acadie 2003. Le projet Persée, her first youth novel published in 2010, was a finalist for 2012 Hackmatack prize.

    Sophie's stories and poems have been published in literary magazines in Atlantic Canada and in Quebec as well as in the U.S and in Europe. Since 2007, Sophie has facilitated literacy projects, which support families to come together to write their own books.

    A natural performer, Sophie has over ten years experience in theatre performance, creation and direction. She has been involved with many productions and has collectively written many plays. She lives in Gaspereau with her family, where she is continually inspired by the beauty and magic that surround her to pursue the creation of new works.

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    • witchesaren'tafraidofmirrors. Co-writer and performer, Barnacle Theatre, Summer, 1992.

    • Buckler on Stage. Co-adapter and performer, Barnacle Theatre, Summer, 1990.