• Biography

    Warren Heiti lives in Halifax, where he has taught sessionally at Dalhousie University, St. Mary’s University, and the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia. He received his doctorate in philosophy from Dalhousie, and currently teaches at the University of King's College.

    Hydrologos is one long poem composed in five suites and a coda, and spoken through masks. It is a poem about a specific passion, the one that always follows love: sorrow. At the poem’s centre is the original lyric elegy, the myth of Orpheus, but reimagined from the perspective of Eurydike, who makes her own descent into the underworld, to rescue Persephone. What happens to a human being under the geologic pressure of sorrow? -- One calls out, and the world’s response is silence. The work of sorrowing, one learns, is the work -- the endless work -- of listening, by which the listener is changed.

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