Workshop with Donna Morrissey, International Awarded Author Interspersed with YOGA by Lisa Lelliott Are you or your character smiling, even when things aren't good? Trust even when trust isn't warranted? Maintain hope when suddenly tossed into situations of conflict, judgment, violence? Learn how the Innocent Archetype affects ourselves and our characters thinking and behaviors. We all begin in Innocence. We all experience the fall from Innocence which then, activates other behaviors, oftentimes denial that may control us with its guilt or shame. This intensive two-day workshop will teach us to UNDERSTAND the people in our lives, and/or create AUTHENTIC fiction/memoir characters by: ✔ Identifying 12 Personality Archetypes: Innocent; Orphan; Warrior; Caregiver; Seeker; Destroyer; Lover; Creator; Ruler; Sage; Magician; Fool ✔ Identifying or creating situations where one or more of those archetypes are impacting our thinking or those of our characters, and what their subsequent behaviors might be. ✔ Recognize the shadow side of those archetypes and how it carries itself out in our behaviors or those of our characters. ✔ Learn how to bring about the healing of ourselves or our characters as we Prepare, Take, and Return from the Hero's Journey. Designed for: Memoir, Fiction, and Non-writers. Beginners welcome Day 1: Learning about Character, and the hero’s journey. Understanding Archetypes: Innocent; Orphan; Warrior; Caregiver. Two 20 min Yoga experiences. Day 2: Understanding 8 remaining Archetypes and how they influence our own personality, and/or fictitious/memoir Characters. Two 20 min Yoga experiences. Date: Feb. 18 & 19 9:00 – 3:30 pm each day Cost: Two days: $195.00 One day: $115.00 Includes: Lunch, Coffee, snacks.

836 LaHave St., Bridgewater (private home-based studio in LaHave River Valley
Saturday, February 18, 2017 - 9:00am
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