Past Program Participants 

2016 Mentors / Apprentices:
Carol Bruneau (Halifax) mentored Nicola Davison (Dartmouth) on a fiction manuscript.
Linda Little (River John) mentored Erin Beth Langille (Truro) on a fiction manuscript.
Darcy Rhyno (Little Harbour) mentored Chad Lucas (Beaver Bank) on a YA fiction manuscript. 
A.J.B. (John) Johnston (Halifax) mentored Linda McLean (Halifax) on a fiction manuscript.
Susan Haley (Black River) mentored Lindsay Wilson (Halifax) on a fiction manuscript.

2015 Mentors / Apprentices:
Carole Langille / Maryann Martin (poetry)
Binnie Brennan  / Sally Reardon (fiction)
Alice Burdick / Bethany Hindmarsh (poetry)
Keir Lowther / Helen Petrulak (fiction)
Krista Johansen / Lindsey Carmichael (YA fiction)

2014 Mentors / Apprentices:
Kathleen Martin / Lindy Weilgart (non-fiction)
Anne Simpson / Rita Wilson (poetry)
Elaine McCluskey / Marie Solis (poetry)
Dana Mills / Maureen Ryan-St. Clair (fiction)
Jaime Forsythe / Nolan Pike (fiction)

2013 Mentors / Apprentices:
Jaime Forsythe / Kristin Slaney
Stephens Gerard Malone / Corrinne Gilroy
Heather Jessup / Joshua Tibbetts 
Shandi Mitchell / David Hood
Ian McGillis* / Jessica Chisholm 

*McGillis was a member of the Quebec Writers' Federation as part of a mentorship exchange program of mentors and apprentice writers. In exchange, Alexander MacLeod mentored an apprentice writer from Quebec. This exchange initiative was made possible by the generous support of The Writers’ Trust of Canada.

2012 Mentors / Apprentices:
Susan Haley / Carmelita Boivin-Cole
William Kowalski / Ian MacLeod 
Kate Kennedy / Vincent MacIllivray 
Stephanie Domet / Meagan Campbell

2011 Mentors / Apprentices:
Carol Bruneau / Catherine Cooper
William Kowalski / Jan Florek 
Brian Bartlett / Anna Mancini 
Philip Roy / Katrina Nicholson

Past Participants Professionally Published
The list of emerging writers who have participated in the Alistair MacLeod Mentorship Program who have gone on to publish is both long and impressive:

Marilyn Iwama, Skin Whispers Down, Thistledown Press, 2003.
(Mentored in 2002 by Sue MacLeod)

Genevieve Lehr, The Sorrowing House, Brick Books, 2004. 
(Mentored in 2002 by Sue Goyette) 

Ami McKay, The Birth House, Knopf, 2006.
(Mentored in 2003 by Richard Cumyn)

Ryan Turner, What We’re Made Of, Oberon Press, 2009.
(Mentored in 2004 by Richard Cumyn)

Emily Holton, Dear Canada Council / Our Starland, Conundrum Press, 2008.
(Mentored in 2005 by Donna Morrissey) 

Amy Jones, What Boys Like, Biblioasis, 2009. 
(Mentored in 2005 by Linda Little) 

Shandi Mitchell, Under This Unbroken Sky, Penguin, 2009. Simultaneously published by Penguin Canada, Weidenfeld & Nicolson (UK) and Harper Collins (US) in August 2009.
(Mentored in 2005 by Sue Goyette) 

Jacob Mooney, The New Layman’s Almanac, M&S, 2008. 
(Mentored in 2005 by Lesley Choyce)

Christine McRae, Next to Nothing, Wolsak and Wynn, 2009.
(Mentored in 2007 by Marilyn Iwama)

Keir Lowther, Dirty Bird, Tightrope Press, 2012. 
(Mentored in 2007 by Bill Kowalski)

Jan Coates, The Hare in the Elephant’s Trunk, Red Deer Press, 2010.
(Mentored in 2009 by Gary Blackwood)

Judy Dudar, I Spy a Bunny, Nimbus, 2009. 
(Mentored in 2009 by Sylvia Gunnery)

Glenna Jenkins, Somewhere I Belong, Acorn Press Canada, 2014.
(Mentored in 2011 by William Kowalski)

Sally Reardon, The Spanish Boy, Signature Editions, 2016.
(Mentored in 2015 by Binnie Brennan)